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Monday, July 22, 2019

What If, policymakers and legislators listened to teachers?

There is no greater disconnect in education reform than between our politicians, policymakers and our nation's teachers than on the value of high stakes testing and standards.
One group feeds off the campaign contributions of for-profit education reformers,
Another group depends on elected officials to keep them employed,
And our nation's teachers dealt with the pain of damage left behind by policies driven not by data, but by greed.
How else can we accept hundreds of billions of tax dollars wasted on testing, while school budget after school budget is slashed?
America needs to ask only one question.
What if we started spending this money on other solutions?
Let me begin the list for us:
Summer schools,
Saturday schools,
Music teachers,
Art teachers,
School librarians,
Special Education teachers,
Reading Specialists,
Gym Teachers,
Real books,
School nurses...

WHAT IF, we change the same old, same old to something that mattered?
Dr. Jesse P. Turner

If you like to listen to the song that inspired my walk this morning its Rebel Diaz singing "Chicago Teacher". 

On my way to Chicago this week. You can bet your bottom last dollar, that this Walking Man will be meeting and listening to some Chicago Teachers.


  1. What if we took the money from testing and put it into quality, play-based universal preschool? Currently, up to 1/3 of children in many states are unprepared to meet the standards for kindergarten. Providing interesting experiences and learning social skills would do more to increase student achievement than testing every student every year. It would probably cost less too.

  2. Research indicates high quality preschool pays for itself. The data overwhelmingly indicates high quality preschool, (by this they mean play based) leads higher incomes, lower prison rates, , rates Children, better mental health and higher percentages of intact families. The data is longitudinal tracking children for over 50 years.
    Yes, it more than pay for itself. I am with you all the way on this.