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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Poverty Matters Secretary Status quo Duncan

Dove Rosenberg a member of Children Are more Than Test Scores posted a comment today about Secretary Aren Duncan and poverty: " Good teaching cannot outweigh the detrimental effects that poverty has on a child. Arne Duncan says that education can be used to fight poverty, but that's nonsense. Poverty is far more effective at fighting education than the other way around."

Easy for for Status quo Secretary Duncan to say. Those who have never known poverty always think poverty doesn't matter. During Secretary Duncan's tenure as the Chicago Public School CEO over 100 children under the age of 18 were murdered in Chicago, and all he focused on was test scores. He missed the real crisis of violence in his city. The first time he noticed Chicago Parent's pain was last year two years after he left. When the beating death of Derrion Albert an honor student was murdered on his way home.

Poverty matters, School matters, A government that cares matters, and it will take everyone to help fight poverty.
May the Lord and his angels protect our children,
Still marching,

If you want to know what the Walkingman is listening walking in the rain through his tears:

Rest in peace Derrion Albert, and may the lord hold you close to his heart forever,
Jesse Turner The Walkingman 

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