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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ed Reform it's not about children, it's about oppression

The face of American Education Reform:
It’s not about education reform,
It's not about justice and equity,
It's not about children,
It's not about teachers,
It's not about parents,
It's not about empowering local schools,
It's not about caring,
It's not about creativity and innovation,
It's not about what is best for our public schools,

It's about power, money and influence. 

It was never about lifting the children of working class Americans,
It was never about raising test scores,
It was never about twenty first century skills, 
It was never about liberty and justice for all,
It was never about America,
It was never about Blue and Red States,
It was never about saving our public schools,
It was never about you, your children, or your local public school. 

It's about the wealthy, the powerful, and the connected. 
It's about preparing generations of quiet little obedience low wage workers, 
It's about the miseducation of poor and middle class children, 
It's about power,
It's about money,
It's about control,
It about oppression, 
It's about profiteering and maintaining a status quo of injustice and inequity,
It's about a prison to school pipeline,

It's about an end to unions,
It's about an end to the middle class, 
It's about a future America with two classes one poor and one wealthy. 

It's about growing student loan debt,
It's about bankruptcy and debt for everyday Americans,
It's about the wealthy never paying their fair share,
It's about children suffering, 
It's about demoralizing teachers,
It's about destroying local control, 
It's about the end of public education.

It's about time everyone started marching,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

If you like to know what this Walking Man is listening to on his walk today....It all "Stop This Madness" by Dudley aka Origin....> <

Get your marching feet on for July 8, 2016 in DC at the Lincoln Memorial. 

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