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Friday, June 24, 2016

Just some love people

This is what I live for. Seeing the empathy, love and humanity shine on the face of the teachers and children I work with in America or Jamaica.
I love them all.
This is my lottery,
My heaven on earth,
Where Ed Reformers, politicians, and hedge fund manager, and Wall Street see test scores and profits,
I see the child not the score,
I see humanity in teaching and learning.

While they measure proficiency,
While they check their data walls,
While they count:
Campaign contributions,
Private jet junkets,
Eat their expensive paid for lunches,
And sip their expensive paid for wine.

I count smiles,
I celebrate small learning victories,
I see love and respect growing between teachers and children.

I see the child not the score.
Trust me it makes all the difference.
I rather be next to my teachers and children than with Kings and Queens.
These are my people,
This is heaven,
See the child not the score,
Jesse The Walkingman Turner

If you want to hear the tune in my head on my walk this morning it's Bob Marley Hallelujah Time

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