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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Legislators money doesn't matter must think we are stupid

NEPC Policy Brief Of course money matters, especially to poor schools

Money doesn't matter to the wealthy, the powerful and the connected their children only attend schools with plenty. Legislators and policy makers who claim other wise must think we are stupid.

Resources matter,
Class size matters,
Certified teachers matters,
Teachers for life matter,
Real art teachers matter,
Real music teachers matter,
Real librarians matter,
Up to code buildings matter,
Having enough custodians matter,
Having experienced principals matter,
Having enough special educators for all children matters,
Having enough Reading Specialists for all children matters,
Having school nurses matter,
Having teacher aides matter,
Having elected boards of education matter,

What doesn't matter,
Choice without equity,
Drop by teachers,
Top down driven Ed Reforms,
Legislators who think voters are too stupid to understand that only those with money think money doesn't matter in public education 

What really matters is a public that votes out legislators who think we are stupid,
What really matters is writing to the editors,
What really matters is speaking up at Board of Ed meetings,
What really matters is opting out,
What really matter is carrying a sign,
What really matters is marching,
What really matters is showing in DC for the Peoples March for Public Education and Social Justice at the Lincoln Memorial on July 8, 2016.

What matters is not what everyone else does,
What matters is what you do.

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