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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Scientific Truth Seeker Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig

I know University of Kentucky School of Education Dean Julian Vasquez Heilig,  he is a scholar with a thirst for truth, and a human being driven by a deep sense of justice. Someone needs to seek the scientific truth of school reform. Someone needs to explain that equity and justice in our public schools should be truth-based. And to call it out when it is not! Dr. Vasquez Heilig has made this his life's work. 
I have been an avid reader of his blog > < for years, and we have become professional colleagues over the last few years. He is a must-read, and follow a scholar.

"Ever wonder why a lion’s share of positive (non-peer reviewed) findings about school choice comes from certain places? We take on that question in our new piece published in the 2nd edition of the Handbook of Research on School Choice. " JVH 

Think about hair loss infomercials, they often claim to have science behind them, but even the slightest investigation reveals nothing more than testimonials. So, what sells their products without any real science behind them?  
The truth is simple men fearing baldness will grab on to anything to prevent baldness. It is the same with School Choice, parents are grabbing at anything to save their children from inequity in our public schools. Market-based Education Reformers behind School Choice, don't care about the science, the truth, they care about profit margins. 
Equity in America's Public School System has become a market-based infomercial scam. These marketers are not held accountable by our policymakers, legislators, or mass media. 

In the movie "Wall Street" Michael Douglas, (Gordon Gekko) said these lines to young brokers:
"The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind." 

Tell us why Dr. Turner? GREED! 
Thank you Julian Vasquez Heilig for seeking the truth, exposing injustice, and for constantly disseminating the truth that matters.
Dr. Jesse P. Turner 
Moral Monday Education Ambassador Connecticut

If you like to like to listen to the tune this walking man was listening to on his walk this morning. It's OneRepublic's "Truth To Power"


  1. We have poverty not because we can't afford to feed/clothe/house/educate the poor, but because we CANNOT satisfy the wealthy.