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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I heard them all 150 miles down-350 to go

Well 150 miles down, and some 350 to go. Today's walk was tough my feet are tired, and I have 350 miles to go.
Today two simple things inspire me. The first is a week long event I created on Children Are More Than Test Scores asking people to say something good about teachers and children. The posting are food for the teaching soul, and it has only been open for about 12 hours at this time. Take a look at these great post going up from teachers and parents!/event.php?eid=196222780424754

The second thing was listening to Old Crow Medicine's "I hear them all" on my walk...There is something about walking, listening, and singing along to :
"I hear the crying of the hungry
In the deserts where they're wandering
Hear them crying out for Heaven's own
Benevolence upon them
Hear destructive power prevailing
I hear fools falsely hailing
To the crooked wits of tyrants when they call"
A person needs music, just like a person needs love, shelter, and hope. The endorsements keep coming into Save Our Schools March, and we have far too many wonderful speakers coming, and all on their own dime. We are marching in the light of god really, and we are marching to DC.

Well, I have my walking shoes on, a pocket full of hope in my pocket, and I can't be stop. So see you in DC,


  1. Go Jesse - you're an inspiration, and yes, I'll see you in D.C.!

  2. When you get to DC email me David. Love to hear what brought you to DC.
    We are marching in the light to DC,