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Thursday, June 9, 2011

We can Change the World

Today I walked another 10 miles, 30 down, and 470 to go!
Today on the Save Our Schools March Florida Facebook Page Sarah asks in regards to Pro NCLB Reformers "How can we help these reformers understand?"
I would like to share the reply I left her within my blog; the place that last year gave me a place to be heard  when I thought I was alone... 
"Salutations Sara, and beautiful Florida, 
the state that stopped Senate Bill 6 last year,
the state that gave us hope when we felt most helpless... 
Sara you ask ~ what can we do to help those reformers understand.
I tell people, every tidal wave has its origins in a single drop of rain. 
Last year I walked from Connecticut to Washington DC protesting NCLB policies. 
I started a Facebook group Children Are More Than Test Scores  (there are now more than 7000 members) 
I started blogging about my walk. 
Everywhere I went on my walk I found others who felt exactly like me.
 I wrote a letter to the President, and while he did not respond- Anthony Cody from Teachers' Letters To Obama did, He even published my letter in his blog.
I met Rick Meyers from New Mexico, 
Rita Solnet, Cerestra Smith, from Florida, Sarah McIntosh Puglisi from California, Sabrina Stevens Shupe, and Yvonne Sui Runyan from Colorado, and Vivian Vasquez from Washington DC. 
At the conclusion of my walk, on Labor Day at Busboys and Poets in DC we wondered could we really change the world?
On that day a few of us raindrops decided why not?
And we've been inviting all the other raindrops to roll into DC this July 28-31 for the Save Our Schools March & Week of Action.
Last year I walked alone...
this year we are bringing an army to DC to take back our schools. 
Sara, come join our wave this July!
Last year I walked 400 miles in 40 days. 
I lost 55 pounds. 
My wife hopes I can lose another 20 pounds ~ so I'm walking 500 miles this year.
My walk did not change the world, but it changed me. 
I learned we are not alone. 
I found hope for change in all the wonderful people I met on the road.
Tell Secretary Arne Duncan the Walking Man is coming back to DC, 
because silence and apathy are not acceptable ~ not last year, not this year,not ever!
460 miles to go...
Just in case people are wondering what I was listening today on my walk through the rain...


  1. My favorite poem is about rain, making a little sleep song on my roof at night, yes April Rainsong. Langston Hughes. When I was young the tinroof on my grandpa's cabin used to enchant me as a raindrop plopped, and the sound reverberated, First drops tuned up the tin i think.. I remember how it would start like one note and become a symphony of sound. All for me I thought. What a great thing you have done to talk to us of these drops. Life is the story of water-we are the creatures of water and this life giver is always teaching to us. We are but a drop but in our coming together so much is formed.....I think it's so profound.
    I know I met here this wonderful waking man. I've walked daily for over a year inspired in my own recovery and through serious spinal stuff thinking of how FINALLY someone out there in our world just understood what was going on-the importance of each child, of our teaching in caring ways, of hearing teachers, in focusing on the things being sheered away. Jesse Turner inspires me daily. Really I'll do what it takes to just be able to shake his hand and say thank you to him and those working so hard on this march for public education. As we start to collect together to see what we can do to wash away and clear up this's time to walk together.
    Beautiful blog Jesse!

  2. Willie Nelson sang my heroes have always been cowboys. The bumper sticker on my car Sarah reads Teachers Are My Heroes. Yes lets walk together. I see an army of ordinary heroes taking back our schools this July.
    Thank you Sarah for commenting,
    Jesse Turner still walking