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Friday, February 17, 2012

Secretary Status quo Duncan sprinkles his Fairy Dust in New York

Facebook post from a teacher responding to our voice of sanity and truth on education reform Anthony Cody's blog in ED Week " Sorry Mr. Press Secretary, Multiple Measures Are Not Fairy Dust

The teacher heeding Anthony's warning about the dust shared on Teachers' Letters To Obama this morning about the effects of the dust on New York teachers. 
"Well, as a teacher in NY who has sat through a day of "professional development" on data driven instruction, I can say that we were told (and the quotes are real - this was what we were told by the trainer from our BOCES center who travels regularly to Albany to get the 'latest news and information') "The TEST is where you start. When you look at the test and frame your instruction so that your students will do well on the TEST, then you will see increased scores and you will know that they have LEARNED what's on the test." 
It is exactly what we're being told - TEACH TO THE TEST"

Another clear example of the effects of the dust on mainstream media showed up in an editorial in the New York Times this morning "A sound deal on teacher evaluations"

It open with "Thanks to an agreement brokered by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York has moved a step closer to carrying out the statewide teacher evaluation system it promised two years ago in return for $700 million from the federal Race to the Top education program. Ending the impasse between the teachers’ unions and education officials will help improve instruction across the state."
Clearly the dust effect demonstrates the disconnection between dusters like Governor Cuomo, Secretary Duncan, and the New York Times, and what is actually happening in New York schools. The effect is simply amazing. The dust of course is making some dusters rich and powerful. It's that old story come around again. The Gospel tells us Judas took 30 silver pieces to betray Christ.  Governor Cuomo took 700 million from Race To The Top to betray New York's children, parents and teachers. While the New York Times may be inhaling Arne's dust parents, teachers, and students know better. In the world of Race To The Top fairy dusters don't teach in or attend our public schools. They live in that 1% world of you the 99% don't know what is good for you.  Just breath the dust in, and feel us getting rich off your misery. 
The NYTimes editorial ends with this eye opener: "To push districts to finalize their evaluation systems, Governor Cuomo has wisely included a provision in the agreement that would deny districts that do not comply a planned 4 percent increase in state education financing. That penalty, combined with the threat of losing federal money, should get the two sides to end the blockage."
Those fairy dust pixies of old did never threaten people. These new Giorgio Armani suit wearing RTTT fairies are always threatening parents, students, and teachers with fall in line, or else we'll take away your funding.  Just behave and smell the _ _ _ _
If you want to see what parents really think about Cuomo's dust read Class Size Matters posts on Facebook about this deal.

Spread the word we reject their 30 pieces of silver. They can keep their dust. The NCLB/RTTT resistant is alive and well. We are walking, marching, protesting, speaking and occupying your board meetings from sea to shinning sea. SOSers are blogging,  going to occupy Arne's U.S. DOE this March 30, 31, april 1 & 2. Save Our Schools is going to Selma Alabama for the Selma Jubilee.  Hot off the SOS Press we are organizing and inviting all NCLB/RTTT resisters to a SOS Education Convention in DC this summer. We promise no fairy dust will be used. Someone tell the DOE the Revolution won't seen on CNN or MTV, but it is coming to DC?   
If you want to know what the Walking Man listened to on his walk in the rain this morning.
That's right Sweet Honey Tn The Rock "Ain't gonna let nobody turn me around"
and Chris Streetman's "Will we occupy"
We will occupy,

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