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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Before the activist there was the teacher

Most people know me as Dr. Jesse P. Turner CCSU Literacy Center Director or as Jesse The Walking Man Turner an education activist.
But, before these things, there was a teacher who loved his students with all his heart. Here is a link to my dissertation that tells the story that drives my work today. Here is your chance to look inside the mind of my learning and teaching journey at one of the most rewarding teaching times in my career. All roads in writing lead us to Donald Graves. He often reminded us sharing your writing is akin to getting naked in front of everyone....a teacher who asks others to write but does not write is like a fully dressed person in a nudist colony. So today I stand naked with my teaching story and images from the journey that made this teacher become an activist. It's a long read, but skip around, peek in here or there, or maybe read it all.
Standing naked inside
 my teaching mind,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner
Here is the link to the teacher before he became an education activist link 
Some images from my days in the desert and on the masas of Arizona with the best students any teacher could ever have. 

If you like to listen to the song that inspired my walk on the Avon Mountain this morning its Robbie Robertson's "Ghost Dance"

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