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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Don't You Know, Talking about a Teacher Revolution

CSU-AAUP and CTU Lunch July 2019

It began in Chicago

In Chicago, the Teacher's union is on strike,
In Chicago, the Teacher's union is standing up for their rights,
In Chicago, those beautiful glorious union thugs are fighting for,
School Nurses,
A Living Wage for Paras,
For Wrap Around Services For Children,
For Smaller Class Sizes,
Better schools for children.

Put in it writing,
The Rank and File are saying Mayor put it in writing,
In Chicago, those Union Thugs are at it again,
They got their sights on equity,
They got their sights on healthy schools,
They got their sights on respect,
They got their sights on better schools,
They got their sights on temples of hope in their schools.

Shout it out your windows,
Whisper it in your hallways,
Call it out on every street corner,
Tell it on every mountain top,
Tell them, teachers everywhere stand with these beautiful Chicago Teachers.

Chicago teachers are talking about a public school revolution,
Teachers everywhere talking about a better schools revolution,
Tell America,
Tell every mayor,
Tell every policymaker,
Tell every governor,
Tell every non-elected school board member,
Tell those Commissioners of education,
Tell that DC Sec of Education,
Tell those Wall Street Profiteers,
Tell them in the White House.

We hear these Rank and File Sisters and Brothers in Chicago,
It begins in Chicago,
Ends everywhere,
Teacher unions shall lead this fight for better schools,
Union Strong shall lead the way.

I stand with Chicago's Rank and File,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner
If you are wondering what song inspired my morning walk today its Tracy Chapman "Talking About A Revolution

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