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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Calling all Freedom Teachers to the Selma Jubilee Education Summit in 2020

I am an old school teacher, holding on to that prize

Dear Mr. President,
Do you think we old school teachers can be silenced by your hate in the White House?
Got my eyes on that sacred Edmund Pettus Bridge come March,
Got my eyes on Selma Alabama's Education Summit,
Got my walking shoes ready,
Got a freedom fire burning in my heart.

Gonna protect that vote,
Gonna rally teachers to the cause,
Gonna give it my all.

I am still working on becoming the teacher I dream of being,
I know this teaching dream does not end at the classroom door,
That dream teacher defend in me defend his students:
In the classroom,
In the Schoolhouse,
In the community,
In the nation,
In the world.

Yeah, I am going back to 2020 Selma Jubilee Education Summit,
Why, because
I have much to learn,
I have much to do,
I have two good feet for marching.

Imagine the lessons in my classroom about voting rights,
Imagine the lessons in my classroom about civil rights,
Imagine that at 64 that fire still burns in me.

I shall one day be the teacher I have always dreamt of becoming,
Selma stirs that freedom fire,
And that freedom fire,
Gonna keep this flame burning all the days of my life.
Some day I am going to be that teacher,
That teacher my heart has always dream of being,
Selma feeds my teaching dream,
Selma lifts my heart,
Selma gives me hope.

Calling all you freedom teachers to come to Selma this coming March.
We got a freedom flame to light,
Lessons to dream about teaching,
Lessons need learning,
Voting rights need protecting,
Freedom needs protecting,
Hope needs feeding,
Teachers need lifting.

I'm going to feed my teaching soul this March in Selma,
Got my walking shoes on,
Dr. Jesse P. Turner
Moral Monday Connecticut Education Ambassador

If you like to hear the tune that inspired my morning walk its Mavis Staples "Eyes On The Prize"

Just in case one or two of you Freedom Teachers want to join me on that Edmund Pettus is a link to Jubilee events

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