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Friday, October 11, 2019

I found my sister in the garden of remembrance for National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

Thank you to those CCSU family members who put this The "Remembrance Quilt Square-Making Event" in Recognition of National Substance Abuse Prevention Month together at CCSU.
I have lost a father, niece, cousins, far too many friends, and a sister to addiction. Yesterday was a busy day, picking up meetings, running out for Literacy Center snacks, and materials for our Spooky Books display. I knew this event was ending at 3:PM. I somehow made it just before 3. I had to make another meeting at 3:15, and then individual confers with four students to discuss their portfolio projects right after that meeting. Squeeze for time I almost did not go to the Remembrance Quilt event.

But love called me to this event. I sat down, filled out the paper required to make my square at one of the three tables thinking I could fill a whole quilt on my own. I remembered them all but decided on my sister Maryellen. I spent some 20-30 minutes making my little square. I have the heart of an artist but have no skills whatsoever. I held it together made my square, went to my meeting, met with my students, and on the way, I cried.

My big sister held my hand going to school, and she holds my heart today. She was nine months sober when she died. At her service, a man came over to me. He said can I talk to you, and show you something. I had no idea who he was, but I said sure. He was from AA, he was her sponsor, and he said your sister wanted you to know she was 9 months sober, and that she never ever gave up. I had no idea she was going to AA.

He showed me pictures of her celebrating those some of those sober days. God sends us these angels to ease our losses. I thanked him, but I did not cry that day. My other sisters, my wife, our daughter, and my nephews and nieces needed an uncle who was strong. I thanked him and locked that memory away.

This hurt from losing loved ones is a heavy burden. Like that man with those pictures that little square healed something in me. I am proud of my Big Sister, and those 9 months. My love for her has not faded, it still grows.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to every single person involved in creating this event,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

If you want to hear that song that inspired my morning walk today its OOH Child by the Five Stair Steps

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